No raining is the best gift in Keelung on such a cold winter day.

We drive to 瑞芳 and take a walk to 不厭亭, really cold outside on the mountain, 

But felt happy to see the beautiful view in there.

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0121-SOS %26; SIT#309_C1.jpg


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SOS_ January Golden Globe Stash Challenge


SIT#309 ​

SIT Jan 15-21 2018.jpg

MHC 魔力手作挑戰 #37 -- 照片聯想題 06 (方向: 高處)



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  • 訪客
  • Such a beautiful and artistic page! Great stash used! Thanks for joining Scrap Our Stash! Hugs Åsa
  • ladyatalltimes
  • What a pretty page. Love the details and stash use. Thanks for your entry in our challenge at Scrap Our Stash. Happy Scrapping.
  • Natsuko
  • Beautiful page and great take on the challenge! Thank you for joining us at Scrap Our Stash❤
  • Michelle
  • Such a pretty page, I do love the tulle under your photo, it just softens the overall feel :) Thanks for playing along with us at Scrap Our Stash!
  • 訪客
  • Love your layout!!! It's so soft... like a bloom.
    Eli (Sketches in Thyme)