Jason took us to 宜蘭 for his friend who going to open an Italian Pizza House,

They want us to taste new favor pizza and give them some advice.

My daughter Yuyi is one of the cheese lover, she just came back from USA.

We all impressed on she could taste what kind of cheese from difference pizza.

The photos  was she looks from the pizza house.

0115-Stuck Jan 1st.jpg

Stuck Jan.1st


Stuck_january 1.jpg

MHC 魔力手作挑戰 #37 -- 照片聯想題 06  (方向: 房子)



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  • Simone
  • What a great layout! Thanks for playing along with us at Stuck?! Sketches.
  • laurawhitaker50
  • So pretty, love the colours! Thanks for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches!
  • 訪客
  • Cool take on the sketch, love the way you've cut the paper for the top. Thanks for playing along with Stuck?!Sketches!
  • Anne
  • Lovely take on the sketch. Love the colors. Thanks for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches.
  • 訪客
  • Great Layout! thanks for joining in our fun at Stuck?! Sketches!