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Sketch from Stuck Nov.15


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凱西的手做花園 Cathy's Crafting Garden

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  • v.andrieux2012
  • How cute is this ! Love how you match the spot on the background to this lovely dog ! Thank you for playing at Stuck?! Sketches !
  • I add the spot before finish this layout cause my dog got a lot os spots when he grow up.Thank you for the comments.

    凱西 於 2015/11/27 23:20 回覆

  • laurawhitaker50
  • Oh this is just the sweetest, such happy colours and adorable photo! Thanks for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches!
  • The photo is my puppy, he is so cute when he come to my house, so I think it is suitable to make this layout for him.

    凱西 於 2015/11/27 23:22 回覆

  • danaatatar
  • Awesome take on the sketch! I love the vibrant pops of color. Thanks for joining us at Stuck?! Sketches!