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Sketch In Thyme#172

Oct W2 #172.jpg 

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凱西的手做花園 Cathy's Crafting Garden

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  • 訪客
  • Super cute! Thanks for playing along a Sketches In Thyme!

    Monique Fox
  • Thank you so much.

    凱西 於 2015/11/15 23:04 回覆

  • 訪客
  • Very pretty! I LOVE the gorgeous colors! Thanks so much for joining us Sketches in Thyme!
  • Nice to heard from you, thanks.

    凱西 於 2015/11/15 23:05 回覆

  • elisabettacolavero
  • Great! The perfect use of papers gives the page a fantastic three-dimensional effect!
    Thanks for joining us at Sketches in Thyme
  • Thank you for seeing the details.

    凱西 於 2015/11/15 23:07 回覆

  • 訪客
  • Adore the arrows paper.
    Thanks for taking the time to join in with us at Sketches in Thyme!
  • Dear Helen, I like the arrows paper, too. Thank you for coming by. Hugs,

    凱西 於 2015/11/18 22:48 回覆

  • Karen
  • Beautiful!! thanks for playing along with Sketches in Thyme!
  • Always like to play with Sketches In Thyme.

    凱西 於 2015/11/22 21:41 回覆

  • Masami
  • Awesome layout!! What a fun idea to form a circle with pearls:)
    Thanks for sharin it with us @Sketches in Thyme!
  • I think that is easy to find the pearls in circle than draw a one, thanks.

    凱西 於 2015/11/22 21:42 回覆

  • Deb
  • Whitt woo - such a fun and gorgeous layout. thanks for taking the time to scrap with us at Sketches in Thyme
  • I'm happy to playing along with Sketches In Thyme, thanks.

    凱西 於 2015/11/27 23:13 回覆

  • Great page! Such a fun page using the sketch. Thanks for playing along with us at Sketches In Thyme.
  • Thank you for visit my blog. with love

    凱西 於 2015/11/27 23:14 回覆

  • Janine R.
  • Fantastic page! So much to enjoy -- the depth created with your paper choices and layering, the colors, and all the little details. Thanks for joining us at Sketches In Thyme!
  • Thank you for seeing all the details, Hugs,

    凱西 於 2015/11/27 23:15 回覆

  • Carolyn Johnson
  • Another spectacular entry at Sketches in Thyme! Just love that paper. Thanks for joining us.
  • So you could see how much I love the Sketches In Thyme, haha~

    凱西 於 2015/11/30 22:37 回覆